Sparkle Solo

"I pick up my guitar and start worshiping God and then I’m home. That’s where home should be.  Not in a certain place or in people."

~My wise & brave friend

While eating sushi with a friend, I was so impressed with her revelation of what it means to be at home.  She was telling me that she finds the young adult age to be so transitory and things are always changing and friends always moving away.  Even her life has involved a lot of uprooting during her 20s because she’s lived in three different countries.  

Even if you are moving to do missions and ministry or pursuing a career (or if you are one of those lucky ones who gets to be a tour guide in some exotic locations…are you hiring?!), there is still a huge transition.  I was 25 the first time my company moved me I definitely struggled with homesickness.  

I love the idea that our relationship with God is where we are most at home.  Praising Him and worshiping Him is something we can take with us no matter where we go and something that never changes when our friends move away.  It matters that we seek Him out and feel comfortable in that place.  I absolutely value relationships with my friends and family but know that there are times that they can’t give me everything I need to sustain me.

Home IS where the heart is. 

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