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Valentine’s Day Cards

I love sending cards.  Mainly, because I love getting mail and enjoy picking out pretty stationary. Even though I am single, I still enjoy sending Valentine’s cards.  I like the idea that my best friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, parents and siblings know that I’m thinking about them.  Especially on a day that we sometimes measure how beloved we are based on who is showering their affection on us. 

Here are a few Valentine’s Day Cards that have my attention: 

I also enjoy these cards from Rifle Paper Company

Who doesn’t enjoy a red envelope in the mail? 

If this little postman cupid came with a red envelope I’d be sold!  I’m still deliberating…

These cards from My Little Buffalo on Etsy are also unique:

I decided not to send these cards to my video game addicted guy friends even though I think the card is so funny (and true)!  I didn’t want to cause any confusion.  My single male friends go M.I.A. on Valentine’s Day.  I think they are afraid we girls will misinterpret a text or email from them as a confession as undying love.  As silly as I think that is for them to do, they have learned the hard way that we women can let our heart flutter a bit more quickly when Cupid’s arrow is piercing our mind!