Sparkle Solo
Pinterest Love & Wedding Planning

I LOVE Pinterest.  I think it comes from loving beauty and pretty things.  And also loving shopping!  I can "shop" for pictures I like and put everything in one place.  I definitely have used the ideas I have found to put together new combinations with my clothes, throw parties, and find new recipes. 

It is so fun watching friends plan their weddings on Pinterest!  I feel like it is the personalized wedding magazine where every morning I get to flip through photos of my friends’, Amanda and Tara…and Susan and Casey,…wedding ideas.  Fun fact:  I actually was a wedding planner for a while and still have a love for those glossy bridal magazines and attend so many of my friends’ weddings it feels like a part time job. 

I feel closer to my friends as I get to give my ‘thumbs up’ on photos of their floral arrangement and wedding reception ideas while not having to sit down for three hours and discuss it with them.  (When you are a former wedding planner EVERYONE wants your planning skills at their disposal.) I think the whole thing is fabulous fun.  All the bridesmaids are commenting and even the mothers of the bride is signed up for Pinterest and tagging their daughters with pictures of invitation ideas and veils. 

I am still SO unsure how I feel about planning my FUTURE wedding.  It makes me cringe a little when one of my friends, who is single and really wants to get married, starts pinning hundreds of wedding photos to her “Someday” board.  I just hate the idea of everyone who follows their boards watching them plan their future wedding.  Actually, I am just thinking about how I am embarrassed to publicly plan my future wedding in front of all those people.  The point was really driven home when a guy walked up to me at church and told me that he’d just been introduced to Pinterest and was looking at my pictures with his friend. WHAT?!  GUYS OTHER THAN MY METRO DESIGNER FRIEND ARE ON PINTEREST?! 

As a former wedding planner, I don’t sit around planning my future wedding.  I think the best weddings are those that are very specific to the individual couples.  I love the details of themselves each other and their story that bride and grooms put into their ceremony and receptions.  How can I plan a wedding without knowing the groom?  However, I do see the value and having already thought about the type of things you want or tagging good ideas to keep them in one place.  What if you forget about that really creative idea you saw by the time you are sporting a diamond?  My greater fear that keeps me from happily tagging bouquets and color combinations is this:  When you are meeting a guy for the first time, how is he going to feel when he Googles you to find you have tagged 2,500 pictures of your future wedding plans on Pinterest? 

Career Sucess

I am thinking about going back to school for chef classes or social media campaigns once I finish up my ministry degree requirements.

…Yes, I am in MINISTRY SCHOOL.  Some days I forget what that really means when I am at work and balancing church planting with my social schedule.  I already have a degree interpersonal relationships and another almost major in british lit from the most gorgeous university on the planet (that I ridiculously adore).  Believe me, if you think, “No way! My school is WAY more wonderful” then we probably went to the same place! 

This week has been a great one in the life of my job.

I have been asked to speak at a church conference and then a women’s ministry which went well and I wonder how God will fit in all of that with my building career.  I am excited no matter what!