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Lemon Curry Chicken Recipe & Entertaining Friends

I decided to branch out and try what turned out to be an AMAZING and easy recipe for lemon curry roasted chicken.  I texted a friend and my roommates an invitation for dinner and tackled my first roast chicken.  It was such a gorgeous night that we pulled a table and a lamp out onto our front porch to dinner.  It was so BEAUTIFUL!

There is something about good food, darkness, and low lights that makes sharing your secrets very easy.  Being spontaneous and taking advantage of what you know will be a great experience is worth the risk of getting a text back saying they are too busy to show up or giving up a night watching tv.  In my case, it was knowing it was a gorgeous night, having to cook time to cook and that I’d wanted to have a dinner on the front porch before the weather turned frigid. My friend bought a cherry pie on the way over and everything was delicious. 

This is definitely going into my stash of secret weapon recipes for having people over.  I’m becoming a good cook but I still get a bit nervous when serving other people.  You can never be sure they will like it but it helps when you know something is fantastic.  Here’s the recipe! We couldn’t quit talking about how much we loved it.  If you make it, definitely throw a few extra apples in the pan because they were really good sliced and served with the chicken!

Bon Apetit!

Cooking & Miracles

I made this roasted halibut with roasted butternut squash and tomatoes recipe by Sarah Foster tonight and it was DELICIOUS!!  This was my first experience cooking fish in years.  (The last time, I learned the hard way to always throw away the paper the fish is wrapped in outside your house when I came home and my condo had a rotten fish STANK.)

My roommates and another friend came over and we had a great time eating and telling stories about the miracles God has done in our lives. 

I am so amazed how true it is that when we tell what God has done in our life other people get encouraged. 

My favorites:

  • 16 year old sister healed of cancer
  • A Friend unable to have children just got pregnant
  • A hip healed that doctors said would take 6 months of rehab to walk again